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About Us

We are a bunch of art, entertainment, and music enthusiasts who love nothing more than spreading joy and color in our listeners’ lives. Ever since our formation, we at 432radio work to promote the otherwise underrated artists of our country.

We Aim

We aim to highlight and boost the culture and customs of New Zealand and make it known to people across the country.

Chapter 1

We wish to strengthen

We wish to strengthen our community’s bond further and bring our society closer by harmony and music.

Chapter 2

Our radio station

Our radio station uses the latest technology and gadgets to make the voice known of the people who do not get the chance to speak on other primary and bigger radio stations.

Chapter 3

Quality content delivery

Quality content delivery is our promise to you, an objective that we continue achieving because of your constant support in us.

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Services We Offer

Our goals

Our goals are different from the rest of the stations. We value pure entertainment and art and wish to give such talent maximum opportunities to rise in fame.

importance to diversity

Furthermore, we also give importance to diversity and design our content, keeping in mind our diverse listeners.

our country includes

We understand that our country includes people with different ethnicities, races, cultures, and preferences.

we cover a large audience

Therefore, to ensure we cover a large audience, we make sure to cater to all of your choices and requirements as best as we can.

Our end goal

Our end goal is that you feel entertained, feel lighter, and more relaxed as you listen to our content, and find each second of it interesting and engaging.

Contact Us

You can reach out to us by visiting our website or giving our station a call. Send us an email to make your voice be heard by many. Trust us; you have our full support, and our efficient customer service makes sure to reply to all of you by the earliest possible time.

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